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Harry Potter: The Exhibition


 so we're really excited to share with you the world premiere of the Harry Potter exhibition we open on Opens February 18, 2022  and the whole experience starts right here where all that all the guests come in and we'll pick a volunteer out and they'll be able to be sorted Gryffindor this is over 12,000 square feet of Harry Potter artifacts all original artifacts from the entire film series we've even got some things from the half-blood Prince which are pretty exciting so it starts here and we can't wait to give you a little bit of a sneak preview so let's step inside so once you pass the sorting hat area you're in the pre-show and the pre-show highlights all of the posters from the film's we've got two slots left for the last two films and then everybody here gets an introduction to the Harry Potter film series so one of the most exciting areas of the exhibition is of course the boys dormitory here we highlight both elements from Harry as well as Ron we've got the golden egg we've got Ron's in Harry's dress uniforms and the beds here in the dormitory are actually directly from the movie set in addition we highlight of course Harry's wand and his glasses which we think everybody of course wants to see and those are positioned right next to the marauders map in the exhibition we wanted to highlight a lot of the different classrooms and one of the ones in particular that we wanted to highlight were the Mandrake's I think everybody loves to hate these little guys but they're really really fun to play with in Hagrid's hut there's a lot of things to see he obviously loves the creatures that populate the different areas around Hogwarts his Hut can feel a little small and contained especially when you're dealing with a half giant we also wanted to highlight some pretty exciting things from the Forbidden Forest and one in particular I'm really excited to show you and that's the hungarian horntail dragon in the Great Hall area of the exhibition you get to see an amazing amount of artifacts all that were featured in various film sequences from the Great Hall one of my favorites is you're able to see Dumbledore's costumes up close these are really really amazing you certainly get glimpses of the detail in the films but nothing like when you get to see it up close and in person happiness even in the darkest time when only remembers to turn on the light well I hope you enjoyed the sneak preview of Harry Potter the exhibition that was just a tiny tiny fraction of what we've got in store for you here so we've worked a long time on it we've had an incredible crew we hope you get an opportunity to check out the exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago if not we'll be announcing further venues in the next couple of weeks so thank you very much for your time and we hope you enjoy Harry Potter the exhibition 


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