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Vipassanā Meditation: Vipassanā Meditation for Beginners Meditate daily


Vipassanā Meditation: Vipassanā Meditation for Beginners Meditate daily

 this is a guided repast on a meditation it includes a short introduction followed by a meditation with instructions Vipassana is a technique that has been around for thousands of years this technique is used by non-religious and religious people alike by agnostics atheists and people of every religion and faith a huge body of study done in recent years shows the benefits of practicing we pass on a meditation daily according to studies during this meditation daily is used advantages it makes us happier less stressed more focused and effective more awake this technique cannot be practiced through reading and research or through an intellectual or verbal process this technique can only be learned and understood through personal experience through meditating every day for a period of time at this point you might decide you do not want to learn Vipassana and that's completely ok however if you do want to seriously try the puzzle now it is suggested to try it for 30 days in today's world that is not an easy commitment we have so many engagements so many things requiring our attention but without making a commitment for 30 days it will be hard to really experience what the person is ideally meditate for at least 15 minutes a day if you find that's too difficult you can start with 10 5 or even 2 minutes and gradually increase the meditation can be at any time of the day however when you find it easier to practice at the same time every day the technique is simple but it is not easy if you decided to stay and to commit to experiencing it let us start the next time 

introduction and start here  guided Vipassana meditation find a comfortable position sitting or lying down with your head and back aligned close your eyes now with your eyes closed bring your attention to the body to the sensations which appear in the body when you're breathing you can choose a specific place in the body and follow the sensations of the breathing there for example around your nose or your chest or your stomach when you're breathing know you're breathing in follow the sensations when you breathe out know you're breathing out you some people helpful to follow the breathing sensations with a ward when the air comes in they say silently in when the air comes out they say silently out when the mind wanders away we gently bring our attention back to the breathing this process is not a problem or a mistake in the meditation it's not something to feel guilty about without this process there is no Vipassana there's no insight when our tension drifts from the sensations of breathing we simply bring it back that's the personal you we allow the breathing to happen naturally as it takes place by itself there's no need to try to change the breathing simply to follow the sensations of the air coming in and out from the body you in a few seconds you will bell ring and this will happen throughout the meditation again the pail serves as a reminder to bring our awareness to the present moment into the body you every time our mind wanders we identify which object appeared what draw our attention was it thoughts sounds emotions we silently identify the object if thoughts appeared within ourselves thoughts if sounds sound if emotions appeared we say emotions after identifying the object we do not judge what we do not analyze we just let go of the object and bring our attention back to the breathing when I breathing I know I'm breathing in when I breathe out I know I'm breathing out you  you you have a lovely day full of compassion joy equanimity and love and let's meet again tomorrow you can share how you're feeling in the comments below and if you're new to meditation please remember well probably feel changes from your first meditation if you want to get significant impact you need to practice for at least 30 days every day if you're an experienced practitioner remember having an established daily meditation 


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