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benefits of meditation


Considered meditating? Today we give 20 reasons to meditate daily…

hello friends today i am going to share with you 10 hidden benefits of meditation i hope this will help you a lot now let's get started 10 hidden benefits of meditation many people practice meditation for a variety of purposes one of the main reasons why so many choose to meditate is due to the inner peace and contentment it can induce regular practice should be attained for maximum impact however if you are new to meditation and are unaware of the positives it can provide here are 10 hidden benefits that you may not have considered Have you considered meditating, but are unsure why you should? Here are practical reasons you should take up meditation... 

  1. Spirituality - At its core, meditation is spiritual and can help you become more in tune with your spiritual side - This can give you insight on your perspective of the world and universe around you... - ...and your spirit within 

  2. Reduces Stress - Meditation can help manage and control stress - This is because you actively remove the thoughts that cause stress from your mind - By focusing on the moment or your breathing, you avoid other external stimuli... - ...helping to calm your mind 

  3. Control Emotions - Meditation can help you manage and control your emotions - This is because you detach yourself from emotions in the moment... - ...and allows you to make objective decisions afterwards 

  4. Aids Decision Making - Meditation can help you make important life decisions - As previously mentioned, it helps to control emotions... - ...and allows you to think more clearly - It also allows you to comprehend thought processes, helping to make better thought out decisions 

  5. Aids Mental Health - Meditation directly helps deal with mental health issues - For example, anxiety can be aided as meditation can help give you focus... - well as give your mind a break from negative or damaging thoughts - With breathing exercises, it can help calm and control your state 

  6. you become aware of your inner voice as meditation allows you to become in sync with your mind you gradually become more aware of your intuition you start to notice your inner voice and learn to trust your instincts furthermore you become attached to your thoughts and can use them to navigate your life in a positive manner 

  7. you learn to enjoy your own company meditation allows you to spend time with your own thoughts you are able to connect with yourself in order to become more self-assured many people don't enjoy being on their own however the practice of meditation can help to solve that issue and you'll begin to discover more about yourself 

  8. helps you to release your emotional state while meditating provides clarity and positivity in your life there may be moments when meditation will be emotional for you as you become more aware of your inner state of mind many thoughts you have avoided may come to fruition don't neglect any feelings as acknowledging your issues establishes inner peace

  9. it reduces your heart rate meditating helps to lower your heart rate and increases the flow of air to the lungs this is beneficial for those who struggle with high blood pressure or heart related health issues 

  10. it reduces tension in your muscles one cause of tension in your muscles is stress when you are stressed your muscles become tensed regular meditation helps to lower both stress and anxiety thus reducing tension and aches in your muscles 

  11. it prevents premature aging regular meditation reduces free radicals in the body free radicals are particles that destroy cells and contribute to premature aging of the skin the process of meditation reduces the amount of these destructive particles thus reducing skin aging 

  12.  it enhances brain function if you regularly meditate your brain function is enhanced this reduces the possibility of headaches and migraines you'll have better focus concentration and motivation 

  13. it alleviates depression as meditation increases the amount of serotonin within the body it improves your overall mood many believe that an imbalance in serotonin levels results in depression and anxiety serotonin is a chemical that transmits signals from various parts of the brain therefore regular meditation which helps with brain functioning can alleviate a depressed state

  14.  it helps with our feelings toward others as we become happier within ourselves via the practice of meditation we tend to have more patience and empathy towards others meditation allows us to be more confident with our own emotions and thus we have more compassion towards other people 

  15. it allows us to be more creative as we are more in tune with our emotions we become more confident in our abilities which allows our creativity to shine 

  16. Aids Sleep - Meditation has been found to aid sleep, especially for people struggling with insomnia - This is because it gives you all sorts of benefits, like enhanced REM sleep and increased levels of melatonin - Researchers conducted a study to see if meditation would benefit those struggling with chronic insomnia... - ...after eight weeks, those meditating had less total wake time during the night, were more relaxed before going to bed and reduced the severity of their sleep problems 

  17. Reduces Unnecessary Eating - Researchers at UC San Francisco studied a group of women to test if meditating could prevent overeating - The scientists didn’t prescribe any diet, but instead taught mindful eating and had participants meditate for 30 minutes a day - The participants maintained their weights, plus lowered their cortisol levels... - ...which reduced stress and showed reductions in abdominal fat 

  18. Improve Relationships - By meditating you recognise your own emotions and those of others... - ...aiding you to experience lasting harmony in your relationships - Researchers from the University of California-San Francisco taught 82 female teachers, all married or living with a partner, how to meditate - The women gave fewer negative facial expressions during a marital interaction test - Studies have shown that people who demonstrate negative facial expressions toward their partners are more likely to divorce 

  19. Feel Happier - Meditation helps us gain awareness of our minds, allowing us to see negative thoughts and let them go - By becoming less identified with negative emotions and thoughts helps those thoughts lose power - Madhav Goyal, who led a study by Johns Hopkins researchers, said that for depression... - “we found a roughly 10 to 20 percent improvement in depressive symptoms compared to the placebo groups. This is similar to the effects of antidepressants in similar populations.”

  20. Reduce Stress and Anxiety - We often focus on possibilities of what might happen and this causes our bodies a lot of stress - Dr. Elizabeth Hoge, a psychiatrist and assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, found that meditation could even help those with generalized anxiety disorder... - ...a condition marked by hard-to-control worries, poor sleep, and irritability.


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