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every human lives in this earth in three worlds


Every human lives in this earth in three worlds

Introduction : the ancient Essenes tell us in their texts 2500 years ago very precise language that every human lives in this earth in three worlds at the same time we live in the world of thought the world of feeling in the world of emotion and their texts actually say to us when these three become one when the thought and the feeling and the emotion are merged are married together into a single potent force then when you say to the mountain move the mountain will move now.

every human lives in this earth in three worlds
every human lives in this earth in three worlds
 I used to believe that this was a metaphor and now I have seen in the monasteries of Tibet and I've seen with the holy and the sacred people in Bolivia and Peru in the native traditions of the desert Southwest and the medicine 'less hospitals in Beijing China this is not a metaphor if there's a literal fact when thought feeling and emotion become one we literally can change the stuff our world is made that we can rearrange the atoms of matter through the belief waves that emanate from our heart so the question is when we are experiencing judgment in ego what is that saying to us really well the first thing it's telling us is that we are not in our heart because the heart has no judgment and the heart has no ego when we are experiencing those those qualities it is coming from our mind it's coming from our inner child it's coming from our fear from our families our perceptions our conditioning it's not coming from our heart when something hurts us in life when something crosses our path that causes us pain our first reaction is to move away from it to say.
I don't want that and that is when the judgment comes in if we can embrace the experiences when someone or an, experience hurts us in life not that we like the experience or we want to have it again but the ancients say that we should bless the experience and this sounds very strange to bless the things that hurt you but here's what happens when we begin to bless the things that cause us the pain the blessing is simply the acknowledgment when you say I bless the person who who has just been dishonest with me I bless the person who is violated my trust betrayed my confidence and you say that again and again and you say it out loud what begins to happen is the verbal expression brings the physical energy up from the heart into the body and soon your body becomes warm and you have tears in your eyes and you say I bless this person I bless this person and it is the blessing that relieves the charge of the judgment for just a moment and that's all we need because for just a moment when the charge is relieved we can replace the hurt with something else and the ancients say that that something else is what we call beauty beauty is a powerful force in our world and that already exists everywhere the ancient Essenes and the Native Americans alike they say that beauty is already everywhere in everything our job is to find that beauty to seek it out so rather than judging the experiences when they come to us if we can look at each experience as a blessing and when we find ourselves hurt say again yes I feel hurt so acknowledge it first secondly what is this hurt saying to me what voice am i hearing what does it tell me about my life and bless the hurt now that is giving us information about ourselves as we begin that experience it is much easier than for our thoughts feelings emotions to become one so that we can move that mountain when it comes across our path the question then the scientists asks is if we know the experiences work if we know that when one person or a group of people come together and they share a common experience in their heart for a period of time such as the International Peace Project in the Middle East four people came together to feel the feelings of peace during the Lebanese Israeli war in the early 1980s during the time they created those feelings statistically terrorist activities dropped to zero crimes against people decline the emergency hospital room visits client traffic accidents declined and so the scientists asked if this prayer is so powerful then why didn't it last and this is the crux the secret of the ancient traditions that has been missed by so many people today because this experience in our heart was viewed by the scientist is something you do for a moment in time so you go about your daily life and at a certain time you stop your daily life and you do this heart experience this prayer and when the prayer is over you stop the prayer and go back to your life and the crux of our most cherished sacred and ancient traditions is very clear that this experience of the heart is not something that we do it is something that we become it is something that we live in our lives life becomes the prayer every moment of every day is the prayer and because this modality of prayer it's called the lost mode of prayer feeling based prayer because the prayer is based in a feeling and we can have a feeling all the time we can have a feeling in our cars driving on the highway we can have a feeling in the office in the school with our families alone in the park we can always have a feeling and that means we can always be in prayer but it's not something that we do in a moment it's a way of living it's a way of life it's something that we become and when we do that the prayer never ends and that is the secret to maintaining the powerful effects that are documented by science and that the ancient texts in the Essenes tell us are possible in our lives if I had the opportunity if I came to this world from another world and I could ask one question of myself in this lifetime based on what I knew here that I couldn't find in that of the world I would ask the question what is the one thing that we have in this world that would wake us up and remind us that we're a family and that we are more than the differences that have separated us in the past and that we're too precious to kill ourselves in war what is the one thing that could be awakened in this lifetime and shared with every human on the face of the earth that would remind them of that truth because I believe it is a truth that's what I would ask the principle of residence is perhaps one of the most powerful principles in nature because it allows tremendous change to happen very quickly with a very few people in in the kinds of things that we're talking about Marilyn and the reason is because if those few people learn the language of resonance with the divine matrix with the field if they choose peace and healing in their bodies and they find that they can convey that in the divine matrix the focused power of knowing the language is stronger than the chaotic power of not understanding the language so many people in chaos is what we see in our cities right now a very few people focus that understand the language may transcend I'm not going to say that they overpower or that they win I'll say that they transcend there are no longer locked into the negativity from those other people and it's because of the principle of resonance when we say the practice for many people in the West again it sounds like something that we do sometimes and the key to all of the traditions is that it becomes a way of life rather than something that we do sometimes our conditioning in the West is that our spiritual practice is something that we do at the end of the day when the children are fed and the bills are paid and the dishes are done and the clothes are clean and the lunches are prepared for the next day and then we go into a room and close the door and turn on the music and light the incense and burn a candle and by then it's two o'clock in the morning and we're too tired to do anything we take a deep breath and say a mantra and go to bed the point is and that's an exaggeration but for many people at the point is that their spiritual practice is compressed into a few moments after everything else is finished in our culture ours being the West however it you go into the Native American cultures in North America South America again into the monasteries in Egypt and Tibet their entire lives are the spiritual practice and then every once in a while they will stop that spiritual practice for a moment to make change for 20 euros it's just the opposite of the way we think about life so so again it's about becoming the practice and allowing it to be a way of life rather than viewing it as something that we do in in a moment in time and this is we do programs all over the world and people come after the program one days two days three days and they say great program where is the next program what should I study next and I have to say to them there is no more go home and experience them and live what it is that you've learned here but for some people the the diversion they it's easier to go from workshop to workshop and study to study and teach her to teach her rather than embrace and live what they've learned our in their lives.

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