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Are you a deep thinker?

12 signs you are deep thinker

there are some people who cannot find satisfaction in superficial things they always want to know more and they have their own way of looking at things and connecting with everything that surrounds them these are the people who would rather get lost in their deep thoughts than speak when they have nothing to say they are the wisdom in our fast-paced and chaotic world these are the deep thinkers of our times and you are one of them if you have the following traits. 

number one. observant deep thinkers tend to say less and observe more they fully engage in their interests and analyze the topic thoroughly before forming an opinion or passing judgment because of this ability to be more observant you're not easily influenced by popular opinion you need time to fully consider a topic and collect all of the facts before making a decision this certainly can be quite frustrating for people around you who may be expecting an answer right away knowing it's not going to happen with you but the good news is that once you do come to a decision you know that it's one that you have thoroughly thought through you've examined it from every angle to get the best possible outcome and minimize possible issues

 number two. introverted many deep thinkers are quiet reserved and often introverted of course this isn't surprising when you spend most of your time in your own head and little time socializing you probably won't be much of an extrovert but deep thinkers tend to be introverts mainly because deep thinking isn't a social activity so it makes sense 

number three. curious as a deep thinker you are very curious about the world around you you want to understand how everything works why things are the way they are and what makes people tick you are interested in many subjects history politics science literature etc and you are always happy to learn something new you know a little something about everything and because of your fascination with life you rarely get bored 

number four. forgetful you may be wondering how this could even be possible a deep thinker thinks of everything right well yes and that's the problem you think so much that regular day-to-day things get pushed out of your head or get put on the backburner it's just that you are more focused on trying to solve a problem or learning something new rather than remembering to pick up a loaf of bread on your way home you may love your partner very much but you've likely forgotten an anniversary birthday or some other special occasion you sometimes forget to meet social obligations because they just don't matter that much to you it's not high on your list of priorities it's not that you have anything against anyone and it's not intentional it just involves conforming to societal expectations like making small talk or talking about things that aren't really interesting to you and thus you sometimes forget these things. 

number five. problem solver deep thinkers are very good problem solvers and since thinking comes naturally to you you can identify patterns and potential problems quickly you've taken the time to think about the options from every possible angle so you are less likely to make costly mistakes. 

number six. socially awkward in addition to leaning more towards introversion deep thinkers dislike many of the culturally accepted norms and behaviors that are expected of us on a daily basis you don't like mindless chatter with others and you usually only speak when something is important enough to say not just for the sake of saying something or because of pressure to say something however the negative side to this is that socializing can be difficult and you can come off as snobby as you are quick to disengage in gossip and everyday conversations but as a deep thinker you actually tend to be more down-to-earth and genuine you prefer one-on-one conversations where you can focus your time and energy on that person and have deeper conversations with a deeper connection. 

number seven. independent because you tend to be more the loner type you are often misunderstood you learn early on to rely on yourself and become very independent you enjoy spending time alone because this is your time to recharge and it gives you space to think things over without distraction and because you find social gatherings uncomfortable you quickly learn to enjoy solitude. 

number eight. disinterested in mainstream culture you don't resonate with interests and things that are common to most people and you simply don't derive pleasure from things that everyone likes talking about popular TV shows and the latest celebrity gossip only irritates you you find yourself wondering how people can waste so much time on things that really don't matter. 

number nine. overthink by now you've probably figured out that deep thinking almost always leads to overthinking since you tend to overanalyze just about everything you sometimes even find non-existent mistakes and flaws basically you are often too hard on yourself and this makes you worry too much about insignificant things. 

number ten. indecisive those who do a lot of deep thinking have a very hard time when it comes to taking real actions to change their life you prefer to dream in theory inside your own head and because of this turning ideas into reality can be challenging in fact it can be so bad that this indecisiveness and lack of action can cost your success and accomplishment when you realize that you need to make changes but you fail to act on it this can bring you disappointment within yourself. 

number eleven. sense of humor you probably wouldn't think it but deep thinkers actually have an amazing sense of humor yes that's right while you may not be the life of the party you definitely have a fun and quirky sense of humor you can be an oddball clever and witty and find the humor in any situation you also understand how to laugh at yourself. 

number twelve. Empathic 
deep thinkers are incredibly emotional and open-minded people you are patient and an active listener and you're always there for others to provide them with undivided attention you are an empathic individual who will always have a realistic and comforting solution to whatever conflict is making someone upset what do you think are you a deep thinker which of these traits do you possess let us know in the comments

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